Monmouth Carnival day 8th July!

Carnival Sunday is a much-loved tradition with activities for everyone; previous years’ events have included stalls, workshops, street entertainers, music… anything can happen!

The annual Monmouth Carnival takes place on the 8th July and organisers say this year’s parade will be spectacular, with a variety of walkers, dancers, musicians and vintage cars taking part. The procession will leave from Monnow Bridge at 2pm and travel up through Monnow Street, ending in Agincourt Square where there will be stalls and more entertainment.

This year’s suggested theme is fairytale fantasy, but don’t ever feel tied to it, come as whatever you want.

The highlight is the Carnival Procession, which sees people taking to the streets of Monmouth to witness all sorts of colourful and creative costumes, dancers and walkers.


Special thanks 2018

The Monmouth Carnival Voluntary Group would like to thank everyone who has helped creative this carnival event.

This year. we’d specifically like to thank the following people and organisations for their extraordinary generosity in helping support Monmouth Carnival.

In addition, the voluntary group would also like to thank John Blake, who has been a great support for this carnival throughout the years as he retires from his mace bearing duties.

If you think we’ve missed anyone out, please let us know here.