The Wyesham Social Club and friends have been an important element of The Monmouth Carnival since 1975

…more than forty years of entertaining the families of Monmouth in the ever popular annual parade.

The Blake cup was recently passed over to this year’s winners after some minor repairs and a good polish at a meeting of the Social Club. Well deserved congratulations once again.

Wyesham, a popular area of Monmouth, has a vibrant social group which meets regularly and organises a number of well attended events through the year, including entry in the Carnival. The high standard of Wyesham’s entry has always succeeded in gaining huge value for the event.

It is about this time of the year that next year’s entries start making arrangements for their parade presence. The Carnival in 2017 will once again provide some wonderful entertainment for all the family, and a great attraction for visitors. The parade is the climax of Carnival Day, part of the ever popular Monmouth Festival.

If you would be interested in joining in the parade, which is great fun, please take a look at the Monmouth Carnival web site or call in at Car Care in Monnow Street and have a word with Les or get in touch here.